Baby Butter Combo

Baby Butter & Moisturizers Combo- Maate
Baby Butter & Moisturizers Combo- Maate
Baby Butter & Moisturizers Combo- Maate
Baby Butter Combo
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Here we present the ideal Butterly care for your baby’s body & Face. MAATÉ Baby Butter Combo has MAATÉ Body Butter which is ideal for an intensely moisturizing experience that will provide long-lasting hydration to your little one, and MAATÉ Face Butter, specially formulated for your baby’s gentle facial skin, ensuring deep facial hydration & protection against oxidative damage.


MAATÉ Body Butter - 150gms

MAATÉ Body Face Butter- 50gms


MAATÉ Baby Body Butter is free from harmful chemicals and completely safe & mild to use when the baby is one month old. For initial 6 to 12 weeks baby’s skin go through various skin issues like acnes, dryness, itching and patches. In some rare cases, some babies can show sensitivity towards any creams, butters or lotion applied on their skin. If this happens, don’t worry and stop the uses until the baby is at least 3 months old.
Absolutely, MAATÉ Baby Body Butter can be used by teenagers or adults. Adults are more exposed to the weather, dry air and sun which leads to skin damage due to the lack of water content in their skin cells. Since MAATÉ Baby Body Butter is highly moisturising and increases the HA level in human skin cells, it become an ideal choice for adults to keep their skin healthy and hydrated.
Yes, MAATÉ Baby Body Butter can be used in all seasons. It moisturises your baby’s skin without making it greasy.
Yes, MAATÉ Baby Hair Massage Oil has specially been formulated for all seasons.
A daily post-bath hydration is highly recommended as well as whenever needed throughout the day to keep your baby’s skin healthy and moisturised.
Yes, MAATÉ Baby Body Butter keeps your baby’s skin soft, supple and moisturised throughout the day.Are there any preservatives in this body butter?
MAATÉ Baby Body Butter has nature’s best moisturisers and antibacterial ingredients to keep your little one’s sensitive skin hydrated and healthy. | Will the body butter retain its consistency in summers also without keeping in refrigerator? Does it get melt?
No additional and artificial fragrances & colours are added in MAATÉ Baby Body Butter.

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