100% natural baby products from Maaté

There’s nothing better in this world for a caregiver than to watch their little one light up as they smile or laugh. We, at Maaté, aim towards persisting this very happiness on your baby’s face as well as on their skin to offer them boundless comfort with our ayurvedic and natural baby products. Read on to find out our best-selling natural baby products for nurturing your little one!

  1. Baby Hair Massage Oil

    Head massage has the power of creating a strong, affectionate bond when engaged in by those who adore each other such as a mother-baby duo. Giving a good hair massage to your baby is not only relaxing for them but also has several health benefits such as boosting memory retention, improving blood circulation, preventing hair damage and more! Developing these healthy habits early in life can help your baby develop a healthy lifestyle holistically. However, picking the right hair massage oil for your baby can be a challenge especially when all brands claim to be the best. This situation can be dealt with by always doing ahead with natural baby products such as those crafted by Maaté. Our Baby Hair Massage Oil is made with love from Moringa, Almond, Sage, Mint and other essential oils to offer your baby with a cooling and refreshing experience with each head massage session. Get our natural baby products by clicking here.

  2. Baby Hair Cleanser

    Cleansing your baby’s hair can be a joyous experience. To enhance this joy, we’ve created our hair cleansing shampoo with the goodness of fenugreek, green gram, neam leaf and other gentle extracts that leave your baby’s hair smelling fresh and nourished. Our natural baby products ensure your baby’s scalp is cleansed gently without purging it’s essential natural oils. Give your baby Maaté’s ayurvedic care right here.

  3. Baby Body Butter

    Your baby’s skin loves nourishment even more than your skin does! Their soft and supple skin, if given the right kind of nourishment, can help retain essential oils naturally produced by their skin. Chemical-loaded moisturizers often fail to deliver the right kind of care to your baby’s skin. Our baby body butter made with Saffron Oil and Kokum Butter is a great pick for even newborns and infants due to its gentleness. Give your baby the skin and hair care they deserve with our natural baby products by clicking right here.