Although babies certainly are a delight, many instances might bring about stressful moments, and giving a bath to a newborn is one of them. Bath-time is, of course, a necessary part of one’s daily routine and it’s no different for babies. 

Bathing your baby is messy, and God knows there’s nothing more stress-inducing than washing an infant who is screaming in protest. However, bathing is an essential part of baby care and you just can't go without it. A good bath helps keep the baby clean after a full day of soiled diapers, milk burping, and other normal but smelly occurrences. And not only that, according to Dr. Wong Boh Boi, “Water therapy can be very relaxing for your infant and it can also function as a bonding activity between parent and child.”

Here are a few mistakes to avoid so that you can make the dreaded bath-time something that both you and your little bub can enjoy:

 1.   Using Perfumed Washes

Babies have really sensitive skin which causes them to get rashes or break out very easily. Even the wrong kind of milk or food can cause skin allergies or trigger a reaction. Therefore it is very important to avoid using highly scented baby body wash on your baby. Many over-the-counter baby products use chemical ingredients like mineral oil, alcohol, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, etc that harm your baby’s skin and can make bath-time painful. When shopping for baby shampoo or baby body wash, we recommend looking for products that are all-natural, chemical-free, and ayurvedic because these products are not only highly effective but also safe, as they come right from mother nature’s lap. One brand that is dedicated to making excellent, natural baby products is Maaté. You can check out our baby body wash made of 100% natural ingredients here.

2.  Not drying the baby properly after the bath

Make sure you dry your baby completely after the bath. Not only can that cause the baby to fall sick, but also, if there is any baby body wash residual on the skin, it can cause red bumps and skin irritation. Water residual too can cause redness, dryness, and bumps on the skin which can turn into serious dermal problems.

When you’re bathing your baby, be sure to rinse off any additional baby body wash or shampoo and make sure the baby is completely dry before you dress them. The towels you use can also play a role in this so make sure that your towels are both soft enough for your baby’s skin and that they are large enough to dry off the baby completely. 

3. Not having all the supplies ready 

Experienced parents know how important it is to have everything you need (like shampoo, baby body wash, sponges, towels ) when it’s time to bathe the baby. Everything needs to be collected and placed at an arm's length distance so it’s easy to grab while you’re bathing your baby. 

This is important because firstly, you never want to leave your baby unattended. Especially during bath-time when everything is slippery and wet. Babies wiggle a lot, so any quick movements can cause problems. Secondly, you don’t want the baby to be wet any longer than necessary while you’re running around grabbing extra supplies, otherwise, they may catch a cold. So make sure to grab every supply from baby body wash to an extra change of clothes before you actually start bathing your baby. 

4.Bathing the baby too much

Bathing your baby too many times is not only unnecessary but can also damage your baby’s delicate skin. Babies are not as dirty as adults or older children, and their skin naturally prevents water loss and protects it from dirt and grime. Frequently using shampoos and baby body wash on their skin can strip their sensitive skin from essential natural oils and dry it out. Plus, babies don’t sweat or develop smells that need to be washed away. The use of soaps and other chemicals, like baby body wash or shampoos, even the ones designed for babies, if used too heavily can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, parents should keep in mind that there is no need to wash your baby more than three times a week, with each bath lasting no longer than 10 minutes. 

Make sure you avoid these 4 mistakes when indulging your baby in a bath.

Happy bath-time to you!