5 mistakes you're making while massaging your baby

5 mistakes you're making while massaging your baby

 “A nourishing massage is a good substitute for a cabinet full of medicine.”

Nothing beats a nourishing, warm massage with a hydrating baby body massage oil that soothes your little baby and strengthens your beautiful bond with them. It is a practice that has existed from ancient times and one that has helped mothers provide warmth similar to the one in the womb along with comfort and close bonding with their babies. But some new parents often complain that their babies don’t seem to be enjoying this experience. If you’re wondering what exactly about this nourishing and relaxing experience can be uncomfortable, read on to know about the 5 mistakes you might be making while massaging your baby:

Massaging with the wrong pressure

Your baby’s skin is up to 5 times thinner than yours and is super delicate and sensitive. It thus needs only a certain amount of pressure to feel good. Massaging too forcefully can lead to crying and whining which no mother wants. Thus, never apply too much pressure as the bones are newly formed and weak and can easily start aching. 

With that said, we don’t mean to apply any pressure at all. The feeling of relaxation and comfort comes from gentle rubdown and soft strokes with a nourishing baby body massage oil. Babies also don’t like light touches as they tend to be ticklish and rev up their little nervous system. So your best bet is a gentle yet firm touch using the entire palm to calm your baby and relax them. Watch your baby for any signs of discomfort and change your pressure accordingly.

Massaging against your baby’s wishes

If your baby tends to get upset every time you massage them, stop! Massaging your baby when they’re upset or irritated will only stress them out further. Resort to other ways of soothing and calming them down instead of forcing a massage. Don’t schedule a massage on your terms and impose one on your child if they are not in the right mood. You can always schedule one on another day when they feel better.

For a massage to have its desired effects, your baby needs to be receptive. Consent is key in all relationships, even in one with your little baby! Now we do understand your baby can’t say a “yes” or a “no”, but you should know how to read their body. Watch their bodies for cues and establish a healthy permission-seeking relationship. Good and strong eye contact often means a ”yes”. So does a relaxed open body posture, babbling, and smiles. While crying and lack of eye contact mostly indicate a “no”.

Using smelly oils

Your baby’s senses right after birth are sensitive. Your little ones’ eyes, nose, and skin are all still developing and oils with strong odor can irritate them. Don't ever use essential oils as some studies suggest that they can be dangerous to your baby’s nervous system. Oils like peppermint, for example, can irritate your child’s eyes and make them uncomfortable and cranky.

Always opt for mild and specific baby body massage oils that are natural and specially formulated for your angel’s delicate skin. Maaté’s authentic baby body massage oil makes for the perfect partner for massage time as it stems from the lap of Mother Nature and combines Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract and Pomegranate Seed Oil to increase their body’s resilience and boost their immune system.  It has a chemical-free formula and leads to supple moisturized skin, faster cellular growth, and overall mental well being for your bundle of joy. Try it out here and experience the strongest bond during your baby’s daily massages.

Stroking them in an uncomfortable setting

The position your baby is in during the massage will greatly affect their experience. Let's start with your positioning first, always ensure you are sitting on a flat, even surface when you begin so there’s stability. Now, spread a mat, towel, or a soft cloth before you and begin the massage. Make sure you’ve undressed your little angel down to their diaper before you start massaging them with a nourishing and moisturizing baby body massage oil.

We, at Maaté, highly suggest not massaging your baby while they are in your arms, as there are always chances of slipping and falling. Always choose a flat surface and lay them down on it. We also suggest giving the massage at the same place in your house as this can condition and calm your child. You can also play some soothing and relaxing music while you gently nourish your baby.

Massaging while multitasking

“Distraction is one of the greatest problems the modern multitasking parent face.”

Work calls, phone notifications, or just plain old house chores. We know the kind of multitasking that new parents have to do. However, when it comes to massaging your kid, indulging in any other activity is a complete no-no. Even a little bit of distraction on your end can lead to your baby being roughly poked or scratched. Apart from this obvious physical detriment, not giving your baby your full attention also negatively affects your bond with them.

Massaging your baby is an intimate experience that has been known to strengthen your baby’s bond with you for centuries. Good eye contact and loving talk throughout the massage can lead to multiple giggles, babbling, and smiles from your innocent angel and do this beautiful activity full justice.

Studies also show that if you keep cutting off concentration from the task, so does your baby and this breaks some processes in your child’s developing brain. This can have adverse effects on your baby’s focus and capacity to learn and concentrate later on. 

 Most babies love massages, but if yours doesn’t, just stop and observe. Give your baby your undivided attention, the best baby body massage oil, and read your child to see what feels how and you’ll be giving the best massages in no time.