5 tips to give your child the happiest bath-time!

5 tips to give your child the happiest bath-time!

As much as new mothers and fathers dream about happy and stress-free bath time for their babies, the reality can sometimes be far from it. While you expect a giggling and cooing baby, bath-time can often cause discomfort to your baby if not planned properly. Here are our top 5 tips to give your child the happiest bath-time ever:


One frequently asked question by new parents is regarding the frequency of baths for their child. In the stages right after birth, when the umbilical cord is still attached, wiping your baby with a wet sponge or a soft washcloth wipe is good enough. Do this when your baby is laying on a soft and padded surface safely to avoid submerging the cord stump as that needs to stay dry. Be sure to wipe their entire body, any folds of skin, the area behind their ears as well as the area under their neck.

Once the cord is fallen, your baby will be ready for their true baths.

With crawling, eating and all kinds of exploring comes dirt- a lot of dirt. If your child has reached this phase, it makes sense to introduce a daily bath time with a nourishing shampoo and a natural baby body wash to keep them clean and moisturized at all times. We recommend giving daily baths while restricting shampooing to not more than thrice a week.


Once you’ve decided to start on actual baths for your precious baby, it’s time to choose the right place for this beautiful activity. 

Use a bath bed, a plastic tub, or a sink for the same during their initial stages. Line whatever you choose with a towel and fill it up with about two inches of water. Remember to keep one hand on your baby’s body at all times to avoid any kind of scary slipping or accidental sliding. This one goes without saying, but never leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a moment. 

If you have an older baby, using the adult tub works just as well, however, be super careful with the level of water you’ve filled. Take all safety measures and use a natural baby body wash to make this experience truly refreshing for your little one.


While some babies find bath time to be relaxing, others may just completely hate it. Whichever your case, it’s your duty to slowly calm your baby during this new and unfamiliar time.

Talk to your baby throughout the bath and choose a time when your baby is relaxed and happy. Avoid times when they’re too tired or times right after meals.

True for both newborn and older babies, bath-times with a nourishing and natural baby body wash can prove to be a bonding experience for you and your child. You can read plastic bath books out loud, sing lullabies, or simply create funny hairstyles with your precious angel and make this a fun and simple time for both of you. Let this skin to skin contact develop your baby’s senses and connect them to you in a way like no other.


When preparing for your baby’s bath time, be super careful with the water temperature. Hot water must never be used for bathing your little one as it can strip away natural oils from their skin and also affect their extra sensitive skin harshly. You can dip your elbow in the water to check its temperature and make the bath warm, not hot. Also, make sure you swirl the water around with your hand to dissolve any potential hot spots which might shock the baby later.


When it comes to choosing baby care products for your baby’s delicate skin, always choose natural. Use only products that are non-toxic and chemical-free and have natural ingredients at the centre.

Maaté’s natural Baby Body Wash is made with Neem Leaf and Oat Extracts that cleanse with care and leave your baby’s tender skin soft, supple, and radiant. The oat extracts being natural skin cleansers, clean and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin, maintain its natural oils and soothe dryness. While the oats help in the deep cleaning of your baby’s skin, the antiseptic & antibacterial properties of Neem Leaf Extract and Lavender Oil keep the skin healthy and fresh, just the way nature intended it to be. Check out this bottle of goodness here.

Bath-time is a magical time of dreamy storytelling, giggles, and laughter. Do not let chemically made products adulterate this pure experience and choose only a natural baby body wash for your little one.