A baby face butter every mother swears by!

Motherhood is never instilled in women naturally. They learn with every moment and unlearn some things too. Rearing a baby is no cakewalk but a mother takes on this hectic job with pride and joy. 

Maaté is a brand solely dedicated to making skin and hair care products for babies and their special needs. Our products are loved by mothers, whether new to motherhood or not, and one product that many seem to love and swear by is the Maaté’s Baby Face Butter.

It is one of its kind baby butter that takes into consideration the delicate facial skin of the baby, which is quite different from the rest of the skin of the body.

Maaté’s Baby Face Butter has a fast-absorbing formula and is created using a blend of Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil that provides long-lasting hydration and defence against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Jojoba Oil has deep penetrating and moisturizing properties which mirrors the skin’s natural sebum and controls oil secretion on facial skin.

Ingredients like the antibacterial Chamomile Oil, and nourishing Shea Butter with its cell-regenerating properties, strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from environmental damage, that the baby’s facial skin is most exposed to. Wheatgerm Oil provides as well as assists in the absorption of nutrients into the cells and protects it from the damage.

The face butter is power-packed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and it makes it a must-have in every baby’s skincare product list. It leaves the baby’s skin soft, supple, and radiant, as it should be. It is chemical and toxin-free and does not contain any artificial perfumes or dyes to make it appealing to the customers.

Experience the goodness and promise of safety and purity yourself by choosing this face butter. Check it out here.