Age-appropriate home chores to engage your child in

Toddlers are the right age to learn a sense of responsibility and independence. Mothers think the child is too young to do things on his own, but your kid can do much more than you think. 

Assigning your child with age-appropriate home chores would develop helping and organising habits and boost their confidence.

Maaté brings to you some home chores that you can engage your child into for developing his/her personality. 

  1. Helping set the table

This is one habit toddlers should learn early. Helping their parents set out the table not only creates a healthy atmosphere but also makes the child learn values like helping others. Praising and applauding your child for such good habits makes you grow closer to them and strengthens the bond. With similar thoughts, Maaté makes products for you and your child so that you make ever-lasting memories and enjoy moments of closeness. Shop from a wide range of natural baby products at Maaté.

  1. Keeping toys back at their place

Children love their playtime, but what they love more is scattering the toys all around the room and creating a mess. If you see your child’s blocks in one corner and cars on the other, it's time to make him learn the importance of cleaning up. Be firm yet polite and assign your munchkin to always clear up after playing. You can join him for starters in the cleaning process and see how he develops this as a habit. 

  1. Watering the plants

For children above the age of five, basic gardening like watering the plants can be a great home chore to be assigned. Including such daily practices in their routine can instill values of care and concern for others around them. It is inevitable that your tot won’t create a mess in the starting by spilling water on the floor. But don’t give up, that’s how your child will understand the correct way. Give him/her a mist spray bottle to reduce the spillage. 

Don’t forget to give your little one a quick bath after his gardening session with Maaté’s Baby Body Wash. The natural ingredients are mild on the skin and remove dirt while keeping the skin soft. Check it out here.

  1. Dusting 

This could be a tricky one to get your child engaged in and you shouldn’t expect flawless results too. Ask them to dust larger surfaces that are reachable for the child. This can be a wonderful physical exercise for them and would give them a break from televisions or computer games. Provide them with a feather duster and help your child do it with you to make it more fun. 

Do ask your child to wash their hands later on and apply a good moisturizer, like the Maaté’s Baby Body Butter, That would help retain the softness of their hands amidst all the dust. But Maaté’s natural baby products here.

After all the hard work your child does in helping you do home chores, give your little one a relaxing hair and body massage. It will provide nourishment and strength to keep your child healthy. Maaté’s Baby Massage Oils are just the thing you need. Shop here.