Ayurveda and baby care - the best combination for healthy growth

Ayurveda and baby care - the best combination for healthy growth

Ayurveda is considered to be a natural and traditional system of medicine. It has historical roots in India and the ancient medicine system continues to be practiced even now. For babies, Ayurveda-inspired products are considered ideal as they do not have any side effects. Take a tour through this blog and learn why Ayurveda-based baby products are best for your child.

 When a baby is born, mothers are worried about good health and growth in terms of height, skin, hair, and bones. It is essential to use natural oils for babies with no harmful effects. These oils are beneficial for a baby’s skin, bones, and hair. The antioxidants present in oils prevent skin from any damage as it removes free radicals. The natural richness present in oils and herbs is highly effective and has benefits in the long run.

 Some of the benefits of Ayurvedic baby massage oil include: 

  • Better Sleep - When you give a very good massage to a child, it is highly relaxing. With a good massage, your baby will be able to get good sleep.
  • Reduced Colic - You may often see babies getting fussy or they even start crying excessively. It gets difficult for parents to deal with it. It is recommended to provide babies with oil massages. This helps in reducing the challenges of colic among babies.
  • Reduced Stress - During a massage, human touch reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. This kind of massage increases babies' sense of security among the babies.
  • Weight Gain for Premature Babies - In the case of premature babies, it is essential to give massages as it helps in gaining weight.

 If you are worried about your child’s health then go natural. How does an Ayurvedic oil help a baby’s delicate skin get better?

  1. It soothes
  2. It nourishes
  3. It protects
  4. It softens

Maate, as an Indian brand takes huge inspiration from Ayurveda and consciously creates products that benefit babies. Offered in different quantities, the oils are ergonomically packed and safe to use. Available in various quantities, you can go for any as per your requirement.

Give the much-needed massage to your baby today!