Baby Acne - Causes and treatment to deal with it

Coming from a protected environment, the womb to the world with harsh changing weather could introduce multiple skin and health conditions for the baby. Baby acne is a common condition, especially in newborns, since the skin is too sensitive and tender to deal with dust, dirt and pollution of the outside world. 


While the exact cause of baby acne is not known, it is either caused by the harsh environment or change in the hormonal level in babies. Acne, in the form of a rash, can also be caused by a product reaction or allergy. Whatever the cause is, it is typically easy to treat baby acne at home with natural baby care products.


There are easy treatments for baby acne and with these, it generally goes away within weeks or maybe a couple of months. If the acne or rash persists more than 3 months or if you feel the acne has become worse, consult a doctor. Here are some tips to treat baby acne

  1. Clean your baby’s face properly

Make sure your baby’s face is clean and free of any germs, as it could aggravate the current situation. Bath time can be the best time to do so. Use mild and gentle cleansers and natural baby care products only on your child’s skin.

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  1. Do not pinch or scrub away the acne

Your baby’s skin is too delicate to be pinched or scrubbed. Refrain from using exfoliators or trying to pinch or squeeze away the acne on your own. It could cause more harm to the skin and worsen the problem. Be patient and let the condition subside on its own, with the help of natural baby care products which are mild. 

  1. Use products without artificial colors or fragrance

Baby acne can get aggravated with products that have a strong and artificial fragrance or additives like artificial colors. Use natural baby care products with organic ingredients.

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  1. Do not use lotions

Using any lotions, oils or heavy creams can worsen your baby’s acne. Leave it on its own and abstain from giving your baby any over-the-counter treatment. If the condition persists or worsens with time, consult a doctor.