Baby travel tips for every journey!

While the go-to tip for every travelling enthusiast is to travel light, this isn’t possible when you have an infant along. Travelling with your baby is an experience like no other. Mothers tend to forget their essentials in order to pack everything that the baby might need during the journey. Even during the trip, their mind and focus is only on the baby and his consistent requirements.

We bring to you some tips for travelling with your child to ease your burden of worrying and caring all the time!

  • Prepare according to the climate

It is extremely important to know the climatic and weather conditions of the place you are travelling too. This way, you can pack baby skincare products according to the weather. Keep a body butter for cooler areas and body washes for hotter areas.

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  • Keep more than one outfit for a day

Always keep more than one set of outfits for a day for your little one. It is because young ones can spoil their clothes faster than you think. Spilling of food, drooling, during diaper changes, or a sudden blow-out, you should be prepared for every situation. 

  • Pack baby skincare products that can serve multiple purposes

Packing a lot of products can be heavier to carry and difficult to manage. It is always best to carry baby skincare products that can double up as other products too. For example, carry baby oil, which can be used for moisturising the skin and some drops of it can also tame frizzy baby hair. In fact, even you can use some of it for chapped lips or dry fingertips!

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  • Keep baby food and toys handy

Baby’s needs to be kept busy during long hours of commuting. Keep enough baby food and baby formula with you at all times because a hungry baby can be very cranky to handle. Pack a couple of toys to keep him entertained and busy and make sure to give him/her enough attention by playing and engaging in their activities.