Because your kids deserve only the purest

Because your kids deserve only the purest

 “You’re always going to wonder if you’re doing things wrong, but that’s what it means to be a mom, to care so much about someone else that you just want to be as perfect as possible.” —Naya Rivera


As motherhood begins for you, the need to be perfect can quite literally drive you insane. With advice and recommendations flowing in from all directions, it is natural to feel confused and dazed especially when it comes to buying baby care products.

We, at Maaté, believe that everything that your baby’s skin comes in contact with should be as nourishing as your love for them. And that’s why we recommend only using the best baby care products for your little one since your child deserves only the purest of everything. 

Ayurvedic baby care has proven to provide tangible health benefits such as supple moisturized skin, cellular growth, and overall mental well being for children and thus must be considered when you’re looking for the best baby care products. It is important to remember to avoid products with chemical intervention and protect your baby’s delicate skin from external toxins during your hunt for the perfect skin care products.

At Maaté, we do not believe in improving cosmetic appearance over authentic health benefits. Thus, no additives or fragrances are added to our products to enhance cosmetic allure. We only offer high-quality, chemical-free products to nurture your baby. 

Our range of products, inspired by Ayurveda, is adapted to the modern-day environment and is consciously formulated using the best ingredients nature has to offer. It’s the optimal combination of traditions and precise formulation with a healthy dose of love & affection.

Our GMP certified facility is situated in a rustic, natural abode, far from industrial areas and city pollution to maintain the purity of our products. Want to know the steps behind the making of the best baby care products? Read on :

Step 1: Ingredient Selection

We select raw material from multiple sources and keep them in quarantine until finished with preliminary safety screening,

Step 2: Ingredient Testing

All collected herbs and ingredients are tested in our internal laboratory as per BIS standards for quality and purity before using formulations for the making of the best baby care products.

Step 3: Herb Extracting and Product Making

Our products are made using methods that are inspired by the books of Ayurveda. We follow a manual process for extracting the herbs without any chemical intervention. Maaté products are considered the best baby care products in India thanks to the high quality-tested ingredients and maintenance of extreme hygiene during the manufacturing process.

Step 4: Final Batch Quality Check

Once the products are ready, to ensure the quality and efficacy of the formulation, another round of testing is performed on the final products in our internal laboratories as per BIS standards.

Step 5: Packaging and Lab Assessment

Our final products are then packaged in our high-end biodegradable packaging material before they are sent for the final round of testing in an independent NABL certified and International Standard Laboratory. Only the best baby care products are approved and then delivered to our customers.

Made to provide wellness and nourishment to your baby, these baby products are free from sulfate and parabens and are also fully vegetarian and not tested on animals. 
Try the best baby care products in the country yourself and let Maaté accompany you on your journey of motherhood. Shop here.