Benefits of massaging your baby regularly with the right products

Benefits of massaging your baby regularly with the right products

There’s probably nothing better than watching your baby smile and giggle when they’re given a good body massage but do you how beneficial massaging you baby can be? We’ve listed down some amazing benefits that you baby can receive with good and regular body massages so that you never skip a session that your baby so truly enjoys!

Why you should never skip the baby massage

According to the International Association of Infant Massage, there is both research and anecdotal evidence from families which shows that there are many ways that babies and parents may benefit from baby massage. Maaté’s natural ingredients ensure that your baby gets the goodness of mother nature with our baby body massage oil. You can find our baby body massage oil right here

Relaxation and constipation

The relaxation benefits are well known – from assisting with sleep patterns, increased flexibility and muscle tone to calming and reduction of stress, but what may be lesser known is that massage may assist in the relief of gas and colic, constipation, growing pains, teething and muscular cramps. Baby body massage oils can have a soothing effect on your baby inside out, so ensure that you choose an oil for your baby only after thoroughly reading it’s ingredients.

System stimulation

Infant massage may also stimulate the baby's circulatory and digestive systems, hormonal and immune systems, coordination and balance, learning and concentration, muscular development and growth and even their mind and body awareness, so you may find it an important part of maintaining your baby’s total wellbeing. Ensure you’re massaging your baby with an effective and harsh chemicals-free baby body massage oil to help them receive the most out of each massage. 

Communication and confidence

In addition to the physical benefits for the baby, the interaction between parent and child during massage may promote bonding and secure attachment, verbal/non-verbal communication, development of trust and confidence, and feelings of love and being valued, for both parties! This can be a particularly special time for dads that are away at work all day or an intimate “time-out” for first-time mums struggling to adjust to the huge demands of 24/7 parenting. To enhance the experience of this beautiful experience, ensure you do a patch test of any new baby body massage oil that you add to your baby’s skincare routine since aby’s skin is very sensitive and can react to even the best of products.

How to choose a massage oil, what to look for

Your medical professional can advise you on the best oil to use for your baby but definitely avoid using oils which are meant for adult use or adult massage, they are not suitable for babies. Choose a baby body massage oil which is free from petrochemicals, mineral oil, and artificial fragrances or heavy scents. A natural edible plant-based oil, as recommended by the Infant Massage Association, is best. You can find Maaté’s natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products right here.