Choosing the right baby shampoo

Choosing the right baby shampoo

When it comes to choosing a natural baby shampoo, there are so many choices available. However, you must watch out for those that claim to be natural but are actually loaded harsh chemicals. Here are some tips to help you choose your next baby shampoo.

Choose a natural baby shampoo

When you pick a shampoo for your baby, going natural is always a good idea. Choose from organic, toxin-free products that are made from natural ingredients. Our daily skin-care products are loaded with toxins and chemicals and your baby may not yet have built up the kind of immunity to handle such a high level of toxicity.  You can find our natural baby shampoo linked right here

Read labels carefully

Before selecting bath products for your little one, just turn the bottle around and read the label so that you know exactly what’s in it. Just like with adult products, many baby products also use chemicals to add fragrance and this information can only be found in the fine print. So when it comes to your baby’s bath products, always invest those few extra minutes to read the label thoroughly. At Maaté, we are very transparent with what each of our products is made of. You can find a list of ingredients to our natural baby shampoo and other natural products right here.

Products from the same brand

Most brands design their products in a way that makes them work well together. Buying different products from different brands confuses your baby’s body and should be avoided. For instance, you need to nourish your baby’s hair with oil before you shampoo it. Pair our natural baby shampoo with our other natural baby products that you can find right here.