Common baby skincare myths busted

It is normal to fret over your child’s health, as a mom. With all the worries mothers take, they forget to distinguish myths from facts. Whatever advice they are given, they tend to accept it, so as to not compromise with their baby’s health and skin. 

Here we bring to you a list of common baby skincare myths that many believe.

  1. Babies do not need daily moisturization

Your baby’s skin is very soft and supple and this might make you think that they do not require daily moisturization. Well, this makes it even needier of proper moisturization every day. The skin of your baby is delicate and the harsh environment could act against it, making it dry or irritated. Use a good baby moisturizer daily to ensure hydration and suppleness of your child’s skin. Use Maaté’s Baby Body Butter to seal in the moisture and hydration. Check it out and other baby care products online by clicking here

  1. Water is enough to clean the baby

Water in itself has some cleansing properties but it only helps clean up 65% of the skin. The rest is still covered in dirt and germs. It is important to use mild baby soap or wash along with water to clean the baby properly. Maaté’s Baby Body Wash is an effective baby care product online which is enriched with ingredients like neem and oat extracts that help keep the baby germ-free and soft. Try it out here

  1. Baths should be given every day

To keep your baby dirt-free and prevent infections, you should have bathing sessions every day. This is a very common myth that needs to be debunked. Babies do not require baths daily. As advised by doctors, bathing your baby every 2-3 days is more than enough for keeping the skin dirt and germ-free. Also, keep the bathing time short as longer baths can irritate the baby’s skin and cause dryness.

  1. Only babies with sensitive skin get rashes

All babies have sensitive and delicate skin which requires proper care and attention. The skin is very prone to frequent irritation, rashes, and allergies. Mothers should ensure proper care of their baby’s skin by using natural and effective baby care products online or available at stores. Use quality moisturizers like Maaté’s Baby Face Butter which is rich in anti-oxidants and keeps the baby’s skin moisturized. Buy it here

  1. All baby products are safe and gentle

We, as mothers assume that products specifically designed for babies ought to be gentle and mild on their skin, but this isn’t true. Just because the product is for a baby's skin doesn’t mean it is always safe to use it. They can contain harmful chemicals and ingredients like parabens, artificial colors or scents, and allergens that can do more harm than good. Always check the ingredients before you buy baby care products online or from stores. 

Maaté does not use any toxic ingredients in the production of the products for babies. They are free from allergens and artificial fragrances or colors.