Common FAQs from mothers regarding baby’s bath time

Your baby is a bundle of joy for the whole family. While the little one’s innocence and mischief make you smile now and then if there is one thing that mothers are dreaded of is the bathing session with their babies. They tend to fret and have numerous questions regarding how to have smooth yet fun bath time, bathing frequency, and the right baby body washes to use. 

Maaté brings to you some of the frequently asked questions by mothers regarding baby’s bath time.

  • How often should I bathe my baby?

Your baby does not need a lot of baths. Your newly born doesn’t sweat or catch dirt easily. Limiting the baths thrice in a week is enough for a baby's first year. Later on, you may want to increase the frequency, depending upon the activity levels of the baby and the climatic conditions of your environment. Too many baths can dry out the skin and strip the moisture away. 

  • How to choose the best baby body wash?

Your baby body wash should be extremely gentle and mild on the tender skin. It should have no harsh chemicals and toxic substances that can cause rashes and irritation in babies. Choose Maaté’s Baby Body Wash for a squeaky clean bath while keeping the skin supple and soft. Check it out here

  • When to give the baby his first bath?

Doctors and health practitioners advise delaying your baby’s first bath by 12 to 24 hours. A newborn baby’s body temperature can drop suddenly after a bath causing hypothermia. 

Vernix, a white coating on a newborn’s skin acts as a barrier against dryness and thus it is advised to leave it on for some hours after the baby is born.

  • How do I bath my baby in different seasons?

Bathing keeping into consideration the weather conditions is important. You definitely don’t want unwanted allergies or want your baby to fall sick due to the ill-planned bathing timings. Keep the baths short and sweet in winters, avoid a lot of baths in monsoons, and use natural cooling baby body washes for summers. Maaté’s Baby Body Wash is every mother’s favourite product for the fun bathing sessions as it is natural and soap-free and keeps the baby’s skin gentle and soft. Grab the goodness of Oats and Neem in the natural baby body wash here.