Daily morning skincare routine for your baby!

It is an unsaid rule and the duty that every mother takes upon herself - to keep the softness of the baby’s skin intact. Mothers leave no stone unturned to look for the best baby care products online and enjoy the touch of the tender skin of her beloved child.

Following a daily bathing and moisturising routine for your baby is crucial to ensure the same. Here’s how you can do it effectively using Maaté’s natural baby products.


The mother knows that the baby's little body must be kept pure and clean so that the baby stays safe and healthy. It’s why Maaté’s products are specifically formulated with the most gentle of natural extracts to preserve your baby’s delicate innocence.

The everyday ritual of baby bathing is a relaxing time for both mother and baby. Essential for good health, this pleasurable activity brings special moments of joy and laughter. Maaté’s moisturizing Baby Body Wash is a soap-free formulation with natural cleansers that cleanse with care and leave your baby’s tender skin soft, supple, and smooth.

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Mother’s lap is where your baby feels most snug and warm and the reassuring comfort of your touch is what makes the baby happy and healthy. That’s why Maaté offers a range of comforting baby care that is as light and tender as your caress.

After every bath, make sure to seal in the lost moisture with Maaté’s Baby Body and Baby Face Butter. The Body Lotion is for an intensely moisturizing experience that will provide long-lasting hydration to your little one while promoting the growth of healthy skin cells and boosting collagen. The Face Butter is specially formulated for your baby’s gentle facial skin, ensuring protection against oxidative damage. 

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