Different uses of baby oils for your little one’s health

Baby oils are crucial for the overall health of your child. They can help keep the skin soft and moisturised, and also provide nourishment to the scalp, causing hair growth. But the benefits of this wonder product aren’t just limited to these. The uses of baby oil are more than you think.

Bathing your baby daily, especially during colder months is not recommended. It can dry out the delicate skin and make it lose its softness and radiance. To ensure moisturisation while cleaning the baby, use some baby oil over a cotton ball and clean the essential areas of the baby. You can clean under the folds of the skin, behind the ear, inner thighs and armpits. This way you can keep your baby dirt-free while simultaneously moisturising the skin.


In older babies and toddlers, chapped lips could be a common problem and the solution to this as well, is baby oil. Take a drop of oil on your finger and apply it to the dry and chapped lips of your child before going to bed. Next day, you’ll wake up to see pink, healed lips and a wide smile on your beloved child’s face!

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