Essential baby hair care tips every mother must know

Your baby’s hair is very different from any adult’s hair and needs to be taken care of differently. Whether your munchkin has little hair or was born with a head full of it, it is essential to ensure proper care to keep the locks looking healthy and shiny throughout. 

Maaté brings to you a list of important hair care tips for your baby that every mother must know.

  1. Choosing the right products

Since the hair is fragile and soft, always use mild products with natural ingredients that are gentle on the baby’s hair and scalp. Invest in products free from chemicals and toxins as they can be very harsh on the little one’s scalp. Try Maaté’s range of baby hair products that comprise one of the best baby oils along with the goodness of other natural extracts. Grab the goodness right here

  1. Tangled hair

Many parents complain of tangled hair in baby’s, especially the ones with thick, long hair. The tossing and turning around all day long can create tiny knots in the hair. It isn’t a wise idea to comb or pull at your baby’s hair to detangle the hair as it can cause extreme pain and hairfall. Use a few drops of baby oil to separate or comb through the hair gently. Almond oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil are some of the best baby oils for this purpose. Buy Maaté’s Hair Massage Oil for keeping your child’s locks smooth and tangle-free. Check it out here

  1. Hair Massage

Hair massages are a very effective way to keep the baby’s scalp healthy. It provides intense nourishment to the hair, aids in its growth, and strengthens the roots. Mothers should make sure to give their child a weekly hair massage, followed by hair wash using a gentle cleanser. Maaté’s Baby Hair Massage Oil has the power of the best baby oils like almond oil, sage oil, and sesame oil which are very beneficial for the baby. Buy it here

  1. Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is a common scalp condition in newborn babies which causes a yellowish crust to deposit on the baby’s scalp. Use a mild cleanser like the Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser to loosen up the flakes and then comb gently. Check out the hair cleanser here

  1. Hair growth

Mothers are always concerned about the health and the looks of their dear children. They are also concerned about the lack of enough hair on the baby’s scalp. Giving your baby a nutrient-rich balanced diet along with using the right products can aid healthy hair growth. 

Give your baby body and hair massage to increase blood circulation and ensure nourishment. Use Maaté’s Baby Body Massage oil and Hair Massage Oil which are enriched with the best baby oils and make the hair grow stronger and thicker. Check them out here