Essential skincare products for newborn’s skin

Motherhood isn’t easy at all. Moms are always on their toes, fulfilling their child’s needs and doing what is best for them. Skincare is something that they just can afford to compromise with.

The newborn baby’s skin requires a lot of attention and care, due to its delicate and sensitive nature. Choosing and investing in the right newborn baby products is essential to treat the baby’s skin the correct way.

Here is the list of skincare products that you must have for your child’s delicate skin.

  1. Baby Massage Oil

Your baby deserves the right nourishment and care through a nice and comforting body massage. Give it with an equally nice and nourishing oil. Maaté has a range of nutrient-rich baby massage oils, which are one of the best newborn baby products. Made with precious natural oils, it promotes the growth of limbs and increases bone density. Regular hair massage with Maaté’s Hair Massage Oil enhances the shine of the tender strands and makes them stronger at the follicular level. Grab the goodness of these oils here.

  1. Body Butter

Provide your baby with the best through Maaté’s comforting and intensely moisturizing baby butters. Made with rich ingredients like Kokum butter, shea butter, and saffron oil, it is undoubtedly an essential product in your baby skincare regime. The butters are highly emollient and penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it soft and supple for a long time. They help in collagen repair and prevent dryness or irritation effectively.

Purchase this jar full of essential nutrients, and other new born baby products here.

  1. Body Wash  

Your little one is born with delicate and soft skin and it becomes every mother’s duty to preserve the softness of it. Keeping it clean and healthy requires products that promise proper care and nourishment of the gentle skin, without harming. Maaté’s Baby Body Wash ensures a mild and fun bath time, without stripping the essential body oils and moisture from the skin. This wash does not contain any harmful additives like parabens or colours, making it 100% safe to be used on the newborn’s skin.

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