Fill your baby’s everyday skincare routine with the goodness of mother nature!

We know how overwhelming it can be to shop for baby goods for their beautiful nursery. As you navigate your way around finding the right natural baby care products, it’s very normal to feel lost and confused due to the plethora of information available online. Information on natural baby products, especially, is widely accessible and can catch your attention. And thus it is important to note that this market of natural baby products for babies can be quite misleading as it is often obsessed with one-stop solutions for your baby.

We, at Maaté, realize that products need to have specific benefits for the different parts of your child’s delicate body.  Keeping the salient differences of various parts of their body in mind, we have designed specific natural baby products to provide targeted benefits for your little one.

Here we talk about three such unique and exclusive natural baby products from our range that make for the perfect addition to your baby’s beautiful new nursery:


We know how irresistible your baby’s cute face can be and we know how to help you nourish and soften it without the use of any harsh chemicals. Paying extra attention to facial skin and using a targeted baby care product for the same is essential as it is more sensitive and thin than the skin on the rest of the body.

Maaté Baby Face Butter is one of our most nourishing natural baby products and is specially formulated for your little one’s gentle facial skin. It provides your baby with long-lasting hydration and protection against oxidative damage. It also protects your baby’s face from allergens, microbes, and UV rays and is rich with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. This natural baby cream is a mix of ayurvedic recipes and modern-day technology to help you nurture your baby without compromising on their well-being.

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Hair massage is an age-old practice over which memories are created and stories are shared. Maaté’s hair Massage Oil is created with the goodness of nature’s best ingredients that add love and care into the soothing hair massage you give your baby. Massaging your baby’s hair with safe and natural baby products not only strengthens the mother-child bond but also helps you nourish your child with love and affection. During this practice, we understand your concern about the safety of your little soul’s delicate locks and have thus crafted our baby hair massage oil without any chemical intervention. Not only does it gently strengthen the roots of your baby’s hair but it also strengthens the roots of your relationship.

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The dreamy routine of bath time is full of storytelling and curiosity. It comprises boundless happiness and should never be adulterated with chemicals that lead to discomfort and tears. Choose a shampoo that doesn’t come in way of cherishing this happiness and protect that gentle scalp of your baby with Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser.

It is made from the goodness of nature using Fenugreek & Green Gram Extracts and is 100% chemical-free. It conditions the scalp and cleanses hair without stripping the scalp’s natural oils. A fine blend of natural emollients and extracts, it is amongst our most hydrating natural baby products that are loved and recommended by countless mothers and caregivers. 

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These are our must haves when it comes to shopping for your baby's perfect nursery. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!