Fun skincare rituals for mom and baby

Who doesn’t love skincare? Well, it’s not just the mums but even babies love to experience the skincare rituals that their mothers follow religiously. 

Taking good care of the skin is extremely important. The joy of becoming a new mother is taken over by the stress of taking the best possible care of your newborn. Mothers tend to sacrifice their skincare to keep the baby’s skin looking and feeling soft. Well, who said you can’t have a mom and baby skincare ritual together? 

Follow these simple and fun skincare rituals along with your munchkin for endless moments of laughter and love. 

  1. Bath time fun

Make your baby’s bath time fun and enjoyable and make long-lasting memories. Bathing time can be the best way to bond with your baby while taking good care of your skin. Indulge in a fun bathing session with your little ones with Maaté’s Baby Body Wash.

 Our brand caters to the needs of the mother and child and delivers quality baby care products online. With ingredients like Neem which soothes the skin with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and Oats that gently cleanse your baby’s tender skin, this gentle body wash is an ideal partner during the fun baths. Your baby will love the fragrance and would feel fresh and clean. Try it out here.

  1. Moisturization for the face

The facial skin is different from the skin of the body. It needs special attention and care, more so over in the case of babies. We know how precious your child’s face is and thus we have the best baby care products online for your baby’s needs. To retain the softness and freshness of your young ones’ face, use Maaté’s baby Face Butter which is free of any harsh toxins and chemicals.

 Enriched with ingredients like Fenugreek, Nourishing Shea Butter, and antibacterial Chamomile Oil, Maaté’s hydrating face butter offers protection to your baby’s sensitive skin against oxidative damage.

Use it every day after a bath and seal in the moisture and hydration back into the tender skin. Check it out here.

  1. Intense nourishment for overall body

A good body massage is something everyone craves for after a tiring day. Who said babies don’t get tired? After all, all this playing and goofing around in the house makes them crave a relaxing massage session too! Massages are not just tension relievers but are also important from the health point of view of babies. Along with that, one can incorporate a massage session into the skincare rituals for both the baby and the mother. Massages allow the oil to penetrate deep into the skin, providing intense nourishment and moisturization. 

Try Maaté's Baby Body Massage Oil, which has powerful properties that increase your baby’s bone density and strength. Sunflower Oil, Sesame Oil, and Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract are excellent sources of vital minerals and antioxidants which help the baby grow stronger. To shop for more such baby care products online, visit here.