Hair Cleanser vs Hair Shampoo - What is right for your baby?

Mothers often come across these two terms, but believe them to be substitutes for each other. Hair cleansers and hair shampoos are both categorised under hair washing products as the main aim is to clean the scalp and the hair. But there is more to these products that make them different from each other.

Read on to know how these are similar but not the same and what to choose for your baby.

  • Formula

Hair shampoos tend to have a thick consistency and formula. They are usually loaded with sulphates and silicones that are harmful to the hair. Hair cleansers, on the other hand, have a lighter consistency and the formula does not contain harsh chemicals that can take a toll on the baby’s hair. Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser is free from toxins and allergens and is made with natural ingredients, making it one of the best baby shampoos in India.

  • Mildness

Since hair shampoos have sulphates and parabens, they tend to strip away the natural oils secreted by the scalp, leaving it dry and brittle. Hair cleansers are mild and gentle on the hair and clean the hair while maintaining the softness and smoothness. Ingredients like Fenugreek, Green Gram, and Neem in the Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser provide a clean and healthy scalp and hair which is luscious and smooth.

  • Best choice for babies?

Your baby’s hair care is a vital part of the overall well-being of the child. Running your fingers through the tender tresses should be a delight and not a tough moment. Thus, choosing the right hair care products becomes essential.

The above points give us a clear picture of why hair cleansers and hair shampoos are different from each other. Maaté recommends every mother to use Hair Cleansers for the baby’s hair as they are gentle and have a baby-friendly formula. They don’t strip away the natural oils and keep the hair soft and nourished. Check out Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser here and reap the benefits of one of the best baby shampoos in India.