Hair Oil vs Body Oil - Why is there a need to separate the two?

Oils are a lifeline and one of the most beneficial ingredients for healthy skin and hair. Ayurveda has documented and proven the holistic health benefits offered by authentic and natural oils. They have numerous tangible health benefits, especially when it comes to newborns.

Often, mothers use the same oil for the baby’s hair and body, not realising the different needs of the two areas. Many brands existing in the market too, are obsessed with one-stop solutions for your baby’s diverse needs. They curate one product that claims to serve multiple purposes, but in reality, isn’t able to fulfill any. Similarly, when it comes to choosing the best baby oil for newborn, there needs to be a separate hair and body oil.

Hair oils have a slightly thicker consistency than body oils. This is because a runny hair oil can drip from all over the scalp onto the face, making the baby uncomfortable. A body oil, on the other hand, is light, to give you and your baby a smoother experience while massaging.

Hair oils focus on the special needs of hair and scalp. They fight off common baby hair problems like frizziness, dryness, and promote healthy hair growth. Body oils pay attention to providing nourishment to skin cells and facilitating the production of collagen in the baby’s body

We at Maaté understand the different concerns of your child’s hair and skin and thus we design specific products for specific needs. Our special range of products - ‘Nourish’, caters to these needs and constitutes one of the best baby oils for newborns - the Maaté’s Baby Hair Massage Oil and Baby Body Massage Oil.

Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these oils ensure the proper health of your child’s hair and skin

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