How a Head Massage and can help during the teething phase of the baby

Hair massages for babies have been credited for years as one of the most healthy baby care practices. Even new-age doctors advise on giving a good hair massage to your little one for the infinite benefits it provides.

Another major benefit that many mothers are not aware of is that a good hair massage can help a child during teething.

Teething is the process in which the baby’s teeth erupt through the gums. It takes place from 6 to 24 months. The process can cause a baby to become cranky, irritable, and lose calm. The head can become heavy and babies have a constant urge to put fingers or objects in the mouth to reduce discomfort. 

This is where a good head massage can come to the rescue. Give your child a comforting hair massage with a natural hair massage oil. Press around the temples and forehead gently or make scalp circles. This can ease the baby from the discomfort and heaviness of the teething phase.

Use a natural baby hair massage oil that also nourishes the hair and scalp and provides nutrition to it. Try Maaté’s Hair Massage Oil which is a curated combination of tested herbs and oils that increases the proliferation of follicular cells and improves healthy baby hair growth. 

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