How baby skin is different from adult skin

The soft and tender feel of your baby’s skin is a feeling like no other. Your little bundle of joy has a different skin type and different needs than yours. It covers a larger surface area than the average adult skin!

Read on to find out what more differentiates your baby’s skin from yours and what natural baby skincare products you may use to fulfill its needs.

  1. Baby’s skin needs moisture all day long

This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise for the parents reading this. The baby’s skin is in dire need of moisturisation all day long as it loses moisture faster than the adult skin. Make sure to use baby skin care products which are highly moisturising like the Maaté’s Baby Body Butter. Ingredients like Kokum Butter and Saffron Oil fight dehydration and keep the skin moisturised all day long. Check it out here

  1. Baby skin has a higher pH than the adult skin

Adult skin has a lower pH than the baby skin, which makes it able to tolerate the high pH in cleansing products to a certain extent. That is why it is always advised not to share your products with your child. The adult products can dry out and cause irritation and damage to the baby’s sensitive skin.

  1. Bathing can dry out the baby’s skin more than adults’

Your baby’s skin needs extra care and moisturisation during and after baths. Lock in the essential moisture during bathing sessions with Maaté’s Baby Body Wash. This baby skincare product contains Oats and Licorice Extracts that gently cleanse your baby’s tender skin, leaving it fresh and healthy.

Oats, rich in saponin content, is a great natural skin cleanser, which leaves the skin moisturized & rich with antioxidants. Oats also help maintain the skin's natural oils and soothes dryness. Grab yours now by clicking here