How body massage can treat reflux in babies

Digestive issues are one of the most common problems among mothers regarding their baby’s health. One such issue related to digestion is gastro-oesophageal reflux. The muscle that controls the entering of food into the stomach is not fully developed in babies and thus could cause the food contents to come back into the food pipe.

Giving a proper massage with a baby body massage oil can help get rid of such problems and improve digestion in your young one. The gentle strokes can calm your baby and reduce pain or discomfort. While massaging a specific muscle responsible for this isn’t possible, providing a full body massage to your child can stimulate the nervous system, which controls many aspects of the digestive system, thus alleviating the problem. 

Lie your baby over a cushion so that he/she is at a 45° angle. Do gentle clockwise strokes on the stomach to relieve pain. Massage and work around the hands, legs, and feet with gentle yet firm strokes.

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