How to deal with colic in babies

Parenting is never a cakewalk. It is a 24 hour dedicated job with no leaves. While your baby may experience occasional problems here and there, one condition that is pretty common in babies is colic.

Colic is a pain in the abdomen caused by the trapping of gas in the stomach or intestines. It can cause discomfort and stress not only to the baby but also to the mother who might feel helpless.

While there are quite a few ways to deal with a colicky baby, one way that has been proven to provide relief is a baby massage. Massaging your baby with the right baby body massage oil can help release gas and comfort the child. Here are the ways how to do so-

  • There are special techniques for massaging a baby with colic. Stroke the tummy gently in a circular motion with flat palms. You can also walk your fingertips in circles or draw the letter ‘S’ on the baby’s tummy.
  • Hold your child’s leg gently and bring the knees up to the chest and back. This puts pressure on the abdomen and helps release gas.
  • Use only a natural baby body massage oil which has precious ingredients like the Maaté’s Baby Body Massage Oil. It has powerful properties that increase your baby’s bone density and strength. It enhances bone mineralization by increasing the calcium content in the bones. But it here.
  • You can even put your baby in warm water, up till the wait as it can help in relaxing the baby.
  • Repeat these steps daily and you will see results soon. The techniques can help relieve the baby from colic and reduce muscle spasms.