How to give your baby a sound sleep

Getting your baby to sleep can be a tough task for some parents. Babies sleep for about 12-13 hours a day and thus it is an integral part of their routine. But, is your bundle of joy a light sleeper? Do you find it difficult to put your baby to sleep easily even after trying endlessly? 

Maaté brings to you some tips on how to make your baby sound asleep effortlessly.

  1. Keep the room dim, quiet, and cool

Your munchkin’s room should be peaceful, with no disturbing noises or people entering it. Make sure it is dim or partially dark as any bright light could be a hindrance to the sleep. Babies need a comfortable temperature to sleep in. Ensure that the surrounding isn’t hot or humid or very cold. Give them the optimum atmosphere and see how your angel sleeps peacefully.

  1. Give your baby a soothing hair massage

Hair or face massages are very effective for young ones. They can be very helpful to soothe and calm a crying or an irritated baby who would just not sleep. Pat gently on the baby’s forehead with your fingertips, make small scalp circles or make gentle strokes on the bridge of the nose.

 You can even use two drops of Maaté’s Baby Head Massage Oil for a smoother experience. Enriched with the goodness of essential oils, you can find it here along with many other baby care products.

  1. Keep a check on naps

Napping is important to keep your baby fresh and restore their energy but too much napping could do more harm than good. Mothers should always keep a check on how much they are napping. Too many naps during the day could result in a sleepless night as the baby would become fresh and active. Thus, ensure that the baby has enough naps to keep him fresh all day.

  1. Include a warm bath session

This is a very effective trick to make your baby sleepy. At night before going to bed, give your baby a warm bathing session. Maaté’s Baby Body Wash is the favorite baby care product for moms during the child’s bath. After a nice warm bath, the baby’s body temperature drops down and cools the body, signaling the brain to get into sleep mode easily. Check out other baby care products too by clicking here

  1. Follow a routine

It is a must to follow a sleep routine to prepare your baby mentally for bed. Start keeping away the toys, dim the lights, and keep all gadgets away. This way your baby would know that it is time to sleep and would imbibe it as a habit.

 Include some essential night-time baby care products like moisturizers for hydrating the skin before bed and giving your baby a more relaxing sleep. Maaté’s Baby Face Butter is the ideal choice for an intense moisturizing cream. Check it out here