How to look after your baby’s skin in winters

Each weather brings with it, its own set of joy and problems, especially when it comes to our little angel’s skin. The baby’s skin needs different care during different climatic conditions. Your baby’s skin is very responsive to weather changes. being delicate and sensitive, it is vulnerable to the harsh changes and might lose its softness and suppleness.

We can’t use the same skincare techniques for every weather and thus, to help all the lovely mothers out there, Maaté brings to you a list of things to remember when looking after your baby’s delicate skin during the cool months.

  1. Choose the right baby body massage oil

Baby massages are extremely effective during winters. Make sure to give your child a body massage with the right baby body massage oil 15 minutes before a bath. It can keep the baby warm and nourished during the chilly weather. Maaté has curated a special baby body massage oil specifically for providing the best massages to your munchkin while providing the right nutrients and anti-oxidants that the baby’s skin needs. The massage would prevent the skin from drying and keep it supple throughout. Check it out here.

  1. Avoid overbathing

Keep the bath sessions sweet and short during winners and avoid overbathing. It can get dried out and lose all the essential moisture. Bathe your baby once a day using a gentle body wash. Keep the water warm not hot. You can check out  Maaté’s baby body wash to be used during bath times to keep your baby germ-free and clean. Click here to check it out.

  1. Do not forget to moisturize

Not just adults, but babies too suffer from dry skin and need constant moisturization during winters. To keep their skin soft, smooth, and prevent dryness, use a good moisturizer or body butter, free from any chemicals or toxins. You can also use any baby body massage oil like Olive oil to hydrate the skin intensely during winters. 

  1. Prevent dandruff

The problem of dandruff is common during the cold months. Cradle cap, somewhat similar to dandruff, is also common in winters for babies. To avoid these, use a mild hair cleanser, not more than once a week. You can also use a few drops of baby oil on the scalp to prevent dryness. Check out the baby body massage oil and the baby hair massage oil from Maaté to be used for the baby in winters. 

  1. Do not overheat the surroundings

Many people think keeping the room nice and warm would keep the baby comfortable. What people do not realize is that the baby’s skin is too delicate to endure the high temperature and could leave it even more chapped and dry. Keep the room cool enough that it doesn’t disturb the softness and moisture of your little one’s skin.