How to massage your baby in the right way

Massaging the baby with a good baby body massage oil is not only healthy for the skin but is also healthy for the relationship you have with your baby. It helps you bond with your young one, while you care for their soft skin. Massages provide much-needed nourishment and keep the baby’s skin soft and supple. It also aids in digestive issues and the growth of bones and muscles.

Here are some tips and techniques to massage your baby correctly and effectively. 

  1. Head and Face
  • Always massage your baby’s head with fingertips, do not use your nails and massage in a similar way you shampoo their head. 
  • Avoid massaging the soft spot over the baby’s head. Use Maaté’s Baby Hair Massage oil which has nourishing properties and helps in hair growth and makes the roots stronger. Find it here
  • For the face, trace a heart shape from the forehead to the chin and massage the ears softly yet firmly in between your index finger and thumb.


  1. Chest
  • Keep two fingers in the center of the chest and stroke them outwards along the ribs. 
  • Make a heart by starting at the center of the chest, moving outwards from under the collarbones, stroking the sides of the tummy, and meeting at the belly button. 
  • Use the baby body massage oil by Maaté which would give the baby the right amount of vitamins and minerals.
  1. Arms
  • Cup your hands gently around the girth of the baby’s hand, forming a C-shape and move along the length of the hand, starting from the shoulders to the wrist and repeating. 
  • Roll the hand in between your palms while moving them up and down.
  • Massage the palm using your thumb and move it in circles or tapping using two fingers.
  • Gently squeeze and pull each finger or press the fingertips softly.
  1. Back
  • Using your fingers like a rake, move along the back starting from the neck to the bottom of the spine.
  • Keep your thumbs at the bottom of the spine, move them in a big circle, covering the sides and meeting at the nape of the neck.
  • Avoid touching the baby’s spine directly, use a gentle tapping motion along the spine.
  • Massage in circles at the shoulders and shoulder blades. 
  1. Legs
  • Hold one leg from the ankle with one hand and using the other hand, make a C-shape by keeping the thumb on the thigh and other fingers wrapped around it. Move the hand from the thigh down till the foot while applying gentle pressure.
  • Use a thumb-over-thumb motion or gently press your knuckle on the sole. Use a light baby body massage oil like the Maaté’s Baby Body Massage Oil which has the goodness of coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil. Check it out here
  • Massage the ankle using circular motion and roll thigh and calf in between your palms while moving your hand up and down.