How to prevent common baby infections during monsoons

Monsoons and infections go hand in hand. While it might look tempting to have fun in the rain, the showers bring a bunch of diseases that our children are very prone to. From common cold, seasonal flu to rashes and insect bites, there is a lot to keep the young ones safe from during the rainy season. Even the best baby care products are often unsuccessful in preventing these.

Maaté brings to you a list of things to keep in mind to prevent common infections in babies.

  1. Avoid too many baths

The weather during this time is already humid and wet. It is best to avoid giving your baby too many baths as it can cause excessive moisture and the skin could remain wet for a longer time, resulting in fungal infections and growth of other such bacterias.

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  1. Choose cool clothing

It is best to keep your baby away from synthetic or fabrics like polyester as they do not let sweat evaporate through them. Accumulation of sweat can cause rashes and itchiness. Choose cooler and breathable fabrics like cotton or rayon for your baby’s clothing. They do not trap heat and moisture and keep the body cool in a humid climate.

  1. Oil massages

Body oil massages can be very effective for the baby during the monsoons. Not only are they relaxing and soothing, but using warm oils with natural fragrances can have numerous health benefits for the child. They can keep common colds and flu away in babies. 

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  1. Keep away mosquitos and other insects

Monsoons bring along an increase in the number of insects in the surroundings. Bugs, flies, mosquitoes become a problem in this weather as they breed in humid temperatures. Mosquito bites pose a big threat to children as they have a weak immune system and thus they are more likely to catch diseases such as dengue and malaria and other skin infections caused by the stings. Keep the doors and windows shut and use insect repellents that have a mild scent.

  1. Keep skin moisturized

Your baby’s skin is very tender and sensitive. The harsh weather conditions could take a toll on your little ones’ skin and thus it becomes essential to keep it moisturized to prevent any rashes or irritation.

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