Importance of a bath in your child’s daily routine

As a new mother, you are busy learning all the new things associated with your baby’s health. Whether it's about your baby’s sleeping habits, food timings, knowing when to change diapers and what not. Another such important aspect of your baby’s health and grooming is the bathtime. Giving your baby a daily bath is one of the activities that isn’t only beneficial for health and cleanliness, but also an enjoyable time between you and your child.

Read more to find out why the importance of a bath in your child’s daily routine.

  1. Ensures hygiene


A daily bath is extremely important to ensure your baby remains clean and fresh all day long, especially during the hot months. Baby’s skin has a lot of folds where dirt and sweat can accumulate, leading to infections in many cases. Giving your child a quick bath with Maate's Baby Body Wash can help keep the skin healthy. Loaded with ingredients like Oats, Neem and Licorice extract, this baby body wash is mild and gentle on the delicate skin and keeps it moisturised even after a bath. Buy it here

  1. Helps you bond with the baby

The everyday ritual of baby bathing is a relaxing time for both mother and baby. Essential for good health, this pleasurable activity brings special moments of joy and laughter and helps you bond with the baby. Maaté’s moisturizing Baby Body Wash is a soap-free formulation with natural cleansers that cleanse with care and leave your baby’s tender skin soft, supple and radiant.

  1. Play Time

Beyond the health and emotional benefits, bath time can also be a play time for your little one. Watching the baby splashing around in water and playing with vibrant baby toys can be a lovely sight for the mother. This can have positive effects on the brain and motor skill development of the child.

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