Importance of playtime for your young one

Playtime can be one of the happiest times for the child. While parents associate playtime with fun, it's much more than that as it can help the baby learn while he plays. The importance of play in early childhood can often be underestimated which isn't correct because playing is essential to a child’s growth.

Here are the benefits of having a proper and regular playtime for your young one -

  1. Encourages brain development

Enrichment activities like playing can be very beneficial for the baby’s mind. It can help build cognitive abilities through the environment and the brain tends to process information related to it. 

  1. Improves communication skills

Playing can improve the social and communication skills of your child. It helps them express themselves and improves their language. Parents can also bond with their children through playtime and strengthen the relationship.

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  1. Enhances creative thinking

One of the most important aspects of proper playtime is the enhancement of creative thinking. It gives them the freedom to think and explore which in return improves their creative quotients.

  1. Better physical health

Playing that involves physical activities like running, cycling, jumping, etc. helps make the baby active and promotes motor skills, strength, and endurance.

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