Ingredients that make Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser the ideal baby shampoo

Running your fingers through the delicate locks of your child is pure bliss. Taking care of the tender strands is an integral part of a child’s healthcare regime and thus, we at Maaté have prepared a mild and gentle Baby Hair Cleanser with soap-free formula and natural ingredients.

Read on to find out what naturally occurring ingredients have been infused to make it the ideal hair wash partner for your child.

  1. Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek, known as methi in Hindi is a rich source of protein and nicotinic acid, which strengthens the hair follicles and fights conditions like hair fall and dandruff. It aids in baby’s hair growth and thus, is a major ingredient in our natural baby shampoo. 

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a popular essential oil and safe to use on babies. It has calming and soothing properties. A good massage with this oil can calm the baby and give sound sleep. It has a natural fragrance and Maaté uses this wonder oil in its natural baby shampoo to give your baby’s hair the care it needs.

  1. Neem Leaf Extract

Neem has been long known and used for his medicinal properties. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory which makes it an ideal ingredient for baby hair cleansers. It prevents itchy scalp and keeps it fresh. Use Maaté’s baby hair cleanser once a week on your baby and keep the infections and hair conditions at bay. 

  1. Green Gram Extract

The hair strands are made of tough protein, known as keratin. Your baby’s young strands need rich sources of protein to become stronger and thicker. Thus, we constitute Green Gram Extract, an ingredient rich in protein and other vital nutrients that aid hair growth and keep it looking healthy, soft, and shiny.

Packed with such powerful ingredients, grab this bottle of natural baby shampoo, the Maaté’s baby hair cleanser by clicking here