Is your baby’s shampoo naturally occurring and safe?

Finding the right products for your baby can be nerve-wracking, with the plethora of brands claiming their products to be safe and the best. Many companies are known to lure their customers, especially the concerned mothers, into believing that their products, like the baby shampoos, are natural and made with organic ingredients.

Maaté has always been loyal to the dear mothers and is transparent in terms of the ingredients the products have. Using natural baby shampoo is important but knowing that the shampoo is actually natural and safe is even more important. 

Here, we tell you whether the shampoo you use for your baby is safe and natural or not.

  1. Artificial fragrance

Many natural baby shampoos that claim to be safe often contain perfumes and artificial fragrances. The strong scent can cause allergies in babies making the scalp irritated.

Maaté’s Baby Hair cleanser is a mild baby shampoo with only natural scents of Neem and Lavender oil which soothe the little one’s scalp. 

  1. Sulphates and parabens

The first five to six ingredients make up 90% of the product. Any mention of sulphates and parabens means the product is extremely harmful to be used on the baby. Sulphates are used to create foam and lather in products and thus are added into shampoos too. Natural baby shampoos do not include these toxic ingredients and should be safe for baby use.

  1. Natural ingredients

The ingredient list at the back of the products can be highly deceptive. In the name of natural ingredients, companies tend to add artificial extracts of natural substances and claim the products to be a natural baby shampoo. 

Maaté stays away from such malpractices and uses 100% naturally occurring substances only. Our natural baby shampoo is every mother’s favourite since it has the goodness of Green Gram and Fenugreek and keeps the baby’s locks looking soft and luscious. But this hair cleanser here

  1. Additives like synthetic colors

Many natural baby shampoos have synthetic and artificial colors to make it appealing for the mother and the baby. They can pose a threat to the delicate scalp and hair of your baby and should be avoided. The artificial dyes can cause itchiness and dryness and make the hair brittle and lustreless. Use Maaté’s natural baby shampoo which is a safe choice for your baby’s tender locks.