Less is more for your baby’s skin

When mothers hear about baby skincare, they make sure not to leave any stone unturned in order to provide the best care and choose the best products for their babies. They tend to get obsessed with baby skincare products thinking not to miss out on anything. One thing they don’t realize is that their baby does not need as much as they think he does. 

Using the right products in the right amount is extremely important for your young one’s skin. Too many products could do more harm than good that you think. Read on to know how to use each baby skincare product in the right amount.

  1. Hair cleanser and Body wash

Too much shampoo and soap can be harsh or the sensitive hair and skin of the baby and can make it dry. You do not want to overdo shampooing or bathing.

When washing your baby's hair, take a small pump or dollop of hair cleanser or baby shampoo in your palm and apply it on the hair. Make sure the hair cleanser is mild and specifically designed for babies. Limit shampooing once a week only.

For bathing, use only a small amount of body wash or you can take some on a sponge for lathering. Again use a gentle wash free of chemicals and bath your baby only once a day. Maaté has a range of gentle baby skincare products that are toxic-free and safe on the gentle skin. Try them out here

  1. Baby Oil

Use only a few drops of hair oil for the scalp, taking into consideration the volume and length of hair. Use only natural baby skincare products that are safe for the hair and skin.

A lot of oil can result in an oily scalp and could trigger conditions like Cradle Cap, which is a result of excessive sebum production in babies. Excess of hair oil can worsen the condition and make it difficult to treat.

Use light and healthy oils like Maaté's Baby Hair Massage Oil which is an amalgamation of different natural and essential oils and caters to the needs of the baby well. Check it out here

  1. Body/Face Butter

We keep hearing and reading that the baby’s skin is prone to dryness, which is correct, but the amount of moisturization needed differs. A baby’s body can have specific dry areas like the ankles, the diaper area, and sometimes around the mouth. These areas require frequent moisturization and should be targeted well. 

The rest of the body isn’t very prone to dryness, though using a good baby lotion or butter is still important. Take only that much amount which is moisturizing enough for the baby. Using too much can cause sweating, oily feel and discomfort in babies. Avoid baby skincare products with artificial fragrance or colors as they can irritate the skin. Check it out here