Massage and sleep: Is there a link?

Massages have been long credited as one of the best baby care practices all around the globe. The vast health benefits it offers makes them every mother’s favourite.

Well, we have yet another reason to like this wonderful activity. If you feel your baby has trouble falling asleep or he/she does not seem to sleep peacefully, then here are baby massages to the rescue.

Massage can be a perfect addition to your baby’s bedtime routine. Research suggests that massages help regulate the cardiac rhythms of the baby, making the little one sleep more peacefully. 

‘Melatonin’ is a hormone released by the body, which prepares us to sleep. It helps the body slow down and get drowsy and sleepy. Babies can naturally have low levels of melatonin due to an under-developed hormonal system. A good massage can encourage the release of melatonin and make the baby sound asleep. 

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