Mistakes you could be making while shampooing your baby’s hair

  • Not paying proper attention to water temperature

Always make sure to use warm water while washing your baby’s hair. Mothers often make this mistake of not checking the water temperature according to the child. Check the water at the back of your hand to know the optimal temperature and then proceed to use it for your baby.

  • Using adult’s shampoo

Using any regular adult shampoo for your baby’s hair could be a blunder on your part. Regular shampoos contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that may not be suitable for the child. Using a dedicated baby shampoo is important as they are mild on the delicate scalp and tresses. Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser is a gentle cleanser with the goodness of Fenugreek, Green Gram, and Neem. Buy it here

  • Using your nails to get rid of buildup

Your baby’s scalp is extremely delicate and even a bit of roughness or pressure can cause discomfort to the baby. Never use your nails to get rid of buildup or cradle cap. Always use your fingertips very gently and keep your nails trimmed.

  • Washing the hair too often than required

Washing your baby’s hair now and then is not recommended. It can take all the natural moisture out of the baby’s tresses and leave it looking brittle and dry. Limit shampooing the hair once a week only and not more.

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