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My Mommy Colorful: Maate's Tribute to Motherhood

She is Red,

She is Yellow,

Sometimes Fun,

Sometimes Mellow,

Whatever her colour may be,

She is the best that there can be.

A woman plays many roles, that of a nurturer, comforter, supporter, etc. Yet culturally, being a mother is said to be the most satisfying but also the most demanding experience in her life.   Motherhood is said to be associated with positive feelings and a woman should be completely involved with this role. With the child's interests prevailing over hers, a mother is expected to nourish strong positive feelings for her child, and it is glorified as Maternal Love.

The Real Shades of a Mom

In a cultural context, having negative feelings towards motherhood is unnatural. Thus the societal norms dictate how a mother should feel. In reality though, motherhood is like a rollercoaster ride and it is perfectly ok to have ambivalent emotions. These emotions stem from a constant struggle between taking care of the child while tending to their own identity as a person and trying to figure how to make it work! 

Even though mothers love their children, they should not deny the fact that taking care of them is hard and once in a while they need a break; thus, guilt also becomes an inherent feeling during motherhood, as the mother feels that she is not fulfilling her role as a mother. Sometimes due to societal pressure a woman sets unrealistic expectations for herself. Trying to give the best to the baby, she lives in the fear of constant failure. In an attempt to hold on to an idealized version of what they can accomplish, they end up disappointing themselves. During these times they need constant support that assures them that it's ok to be imperfect. Whether good or bad, in the face of these real feelings a new mom gracefully accepts the journey of motherhood. With this newfound strength she faces every challenge with love to learn, adapt and evolve every single day.

Celebrating Shades of Motherhood at Maaté

At Maaté we believe that all the shades of Motherhood are beautiful as even with her varied emotions, a mother never ceases to amaze with all the love she can give. Maaté shares this beautiful journey of motherhood, by creating a relationship of faith and trust with mothers that is based on emotions of comfort, compassion and care. Caring and attentive, we are always ready to hear what mothers have to say as we strive to give every mother and baby exclusive and genuine experiences. Just like the various roles of a mother, our multifaceted brand persona is a constant companion at each step of this beautiful journey.

A Trusted Guide: Playing the role of a confidante, Maaté lends support and advice when required, through various tips and useful hacks as well as consultation with experts to ease worries of being a mother. Also through transparent processes, Maaté gives a sense of deep comfort with total confidentiality and mutual respect. 

The Indulgent Mom: Every mother aims to give her child the best and like an indulgent mother who pampers her child, Maaté with its premium ingredients and products assures an exclusive and luxurious experience for your baby.

The Fun Mom: Joy, laughter, play and fun are instrumental to the process of growing up, for you as well as your baby. Introducing fun in your daily baby rituals, Maaté encourages children as well as mothers to be carefree and playful.

The Conscientious Mother: Like a mother who nourishes her baby with the purest and best, our products and processes are inspired by ancient Ayurveda. Embracing ways of Nature, Maaté is conscientious about creating genuine and authentic experiences for you and your baby 

The Wise One: Just like a mother who knows what's best for her child, Maaté always stays abreast with the latest in child wellness, with what ingredient is good for you and why, and which processes are beneficial for bringing up your baby.

My Mommy Colorful -  A tribute to Mothers by Maaté

Life is incomplete without colour and especially for children it is the first learning block. From as early as two to four months, children begin to perceive colors and by the time they are three, it already becomes their favorite exploration. From the blue hues of the sky to the fluffy white clouds, from the reds, yellows and oranges of sunset to the green of fresh grass and leaves, children find a world of expressions in colours. Just like colours, a child's first introduction to the physical world is through his/her mother. The child learns to understand feelings through the unique bond with their mother. But what happens when a child tries to imagine a mother through the lens of colours... Watch this video to find out