New to massaging your baby? Here’s what you should never do!

Does your baby often fall asleep while you’re massaging them? While it’s obvious that your baby experienced relaxation before falling asleep, it might not be the case once they’re fast asleep. Read on to know why.

First and foremost, Infant Massage isn’t something done to a baby, it’s a practice with your baby. This means two-way communication. You can’t communicate with your baby whilst they are sleeping without interfering with their sleep. A key aspect of massaging your baby is to promote communication and communication in essence also includes listening. For a massage with the best massage oil for newborn baby to have its desired effects, your baby needs to be receptive. Consent is key in all relationships, even in one with your little baby!

Now we do understand your baby can’t say a “yes” or a “no”, but you should know how to read their body and for that, they need to be awake. Good and strong eye contact often means a” yes”. So does a relaxed open body posture, babbling, and smiles. While crying and lack of eye contact mostly indicate a “no”.

If your baby is sleeping or falls asleep during their massage with the best massage oil for newborn baby, it’s a clear signal from the baby that they want to do something else – sleep. Sleep is an essential physiological function, a healing and nurturing process for all humans. Furthermore, your newborn baby needs more sleep than you for growth, restoration, and to enable learning. Children who regularly sleep well are shown to have improved concentration, creativity, more energy, be better at problem-solving and maintaining good relations with others – just to name a few benefits. Not getting enough sleep on the other hand can lead to physical, cognitive, and emotional difficulties.

Massaging your baby with the best massage oil for newborn baby can be a very relaxing practice for both you and your little angel. It decreases both your and your baby’s stress hormones and promotes the hormones for relaxation.

Massaging them with the best massage oil for newborn baby to promote secure attachment and life long benefits. This provides a sense of safety and security, helps to regulate emotions, and offers a secure base from which they can explore. Maaté’s authentic baby body massage oil is the best massage oil for newborn baby and makes for the perfect partner for massage time as it stems from the lap of Mother Nature and combines Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract and Pomegranate Seed Oil to increase their body’s resilience and boost their immune system.  It has a chemical-free formula and leads to supple moisturized skin, faster cellular growth, and overall mental well being for your bundle of joy. 

Try out the best massage oil for newborn baby here and experience the strongest bond during your baby’s daily massages.