Prep up to welcome a new member to the family with the right skincare

The feelings of a new mother cannot be expressed in words. It is a moment of pure bliss and delight to find out a new member is on the way, bringing along endless moments of love and joy. 

Mothers leave no stone unturned to find just the right baby care products for the new member. The right clothes, what cradle to choose, setting up a new playroom, etc. Similarly, choosing the right skin care for the apple of your eye is equally essential. You want to make sure the tender skin is given enough love and care so that it blossoms and remains soft and supple.

Maaté brings to you a curative list of the right baby care products to keep along while preparing to welcome the bundle of joy.

  1. Gentle hair and body cleanser

Prepare yourself for your baby’s first bath time. While you might have done enough research on your part on how to gently bathe your newborn, it is important to have the right accompaniments for a fun bath session. 

Get your hands on the natural baby care products from Maaté like the Hair Cleanser and Baby Body Wash which are mild on the baby’s skin and free from allergens and toxins, keeping the skin and hair soft and clean. Try the baby care products here

  1. Nourishing baby oil

Baby oils are a must to be included in the list of products to have for a newborn. Since ancient times, baby oils have been used for massaging the baby in order to make his limbs grow stronger. They provide intense nourishment to the skin and hair and are loaded with the goodness of nutritious elements. Buy Maaté’s Baby Hair Massage and Body massage oil to give the care your baby’s skin and hair needs. These baby care products are made from natural oils like Almond, Coconut and Sesame to suit the needs of a newborn.

  1. Hydrating skin butters

Your baby is well protected in the womb but as soon as he enters the world, certain skin problems are bound to follow the young one. Prevent dryness, allergies, rashes and discomfort due to the harsh climate with the right skin butter. Choose Maaté’s Body and Face Butters to keep such conditions at bay and provide hydration and moisturization to the delicate skin. Check them out here