Prickly heat and babies - Ways to prevent it

Prickly heat, also known as heat rash is a common skin problem in summers, not just for adults, but babies too. Heat rash in babies can occur when the sweat glands are clogged by sweating and dirt, resulting in raised, itchy bumps in affected areas. Babies are more susceptible to it because their sweat glands are less developed than adults or older children.

Prickly heat could keep the baby uncomfortable and itchy throughout and thus here are some ways to prevent it.

  • Dress your baby up in cool clothing made from fabrics like cotton. They absorb perspiration and keep the body cool during winters. You can even choose to give your baby a break from clothes and let him stroll naked around the house for some time.
  • Use a mild baby wash with cooling properties. Try Maaté’s Baby Body Wash which has cooling agents like neem that help soothe itchiness and red bumps. Check this natural baby care product India here.
  • Avoid using lotion, baby powders, or creams on the affected area as they can clog the baby’s skin pores. 
  • Keep your baby dry, especially the affected areas. Make sure the baby’s room is cool as sweat can worsen the problem.
  • Avoid diapers as much as possible. They can restrict airflow to the covered skin, causing rashes and prickly heat. 
  • For keeping your baby’s skin cool, clean, and soft in the hot and humid months, check out Maaté’s Baby Body Wash. With ingredients like Neem and Oats, it helps your child stay away from sweat and rashes while being gentle on the skin.