Rituals of Love and Care

Rituals of Love and Care

A part of our everyday lives, rituals inculcate a sense of belief and belonging in us. One look around and you will find yourself enveloped with various kinds of rituals. From religion and culture to wellness and love, rituals have preserved and honored beliefs that continue to be practiced even today.Rituals of love span a multitude of manifestations but the one kind in particular that we are exposed to at a very early age is Storge, ( rooted in ancient Greek philosophy) that commonly signifies parent-child love. Giving us a sense of familiarity, this love creates a bond that is built to stand the test of time. A part of our earliest sense of remembrance,it gives us memories that last a lifetime.

The love between a mother and child is celebrated with unique rituals around the world. Baby bath rituals in particular, are traditionally carried out with great love and care in cultures across the world as they are considered to be the first nourishing, cleansing and comforting experience for the baby. For example,in Nigeria,during a ceremony known as Omugwo, the baby is given its first bath. This ceremonial washing by the grandmother also denotes that the mother is not alone in raising her child. In Bali, pregnant women are encouraged to talk to their unborn child to prepare them for the world outside and during the ceremony of Gedong-gedongan the  pregnant couple prays for an easy birth. They wade into a river where eels are placed on the belly of the mother pointing downwards so that the baby is shown the right way out. In Mexico,during the practice of Bautismo, the baby’s head is washed and is symbolic of cleansing the baby of its original sin.



Baby bath rituals in India are based on the ancient holistic wellness concepts of Ayurveda and are intrinsic to mother and child care. Ayurveda lays great emphasis on practicing daily rituals aligned to the rhythms of the seasons.A routine that balances the baby's mind, body and soul is very important. Thus it is a common practice to follow baby skin and hair care rituals that naturally cleanses and comforts them. Performed in every household, these rituals are an essential part of Rakshogna Kriya or neonatal care for the mother and child. A complete bath ritual for the baby includes the following:

Massaging with warm oil: Known as Shishu Abhangya, it is a newborn care protocol to be followed as per Jatamatra Paricharya, a very scientific approach mentioned in Ayurveda. It emphasizes on a warm oil massage before bathing. Its many benefits include relieving aggravated Vata Dosha, boosting immunity as well as promoting healthy growth of muscles and bones among others. It is also a wonderful example of therapeutic touch that creates a wonderful bond between a mother and her child through gentle strokes. Read more about it here

A gentle cleanse:  Also known as Abhyanga Snana it traditionally follows a massage. According to Ayurveda, bathing is considered sacred, not only is it cleansing, it also relieves the baby's body from fatigue, thirst and inflammation. It lowers the effects of Visha (toxins), promotes Ojas (divine energy) and pacifies the Dhatus (seven constituents of the body) in babies. Read more about the importance of a baby's bath here 

Moisturizing well after bath:  A must for everyday baby routine(Dincharya). Depending on the Vata, Pitta and Kapha construct in babies,it is important to apply a naturally nourishing and hydrating cream or butter to prevent your baby's skin from becoming dry. Read more about baby skincare here

Rituals of Love and Care by Maate

Inspired by the wisdom of age-old traditions, Maate celebrates mother and child wellness with rituals of love and care. Curated especially keeping you and your little one in mind, it brings together the holistic benefits of massaging, cleansing and moisturizing in a ritual box,ideal for the complete well-being of your baby.  

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