Step by step guide to giving the best hair massage to your child

Who doesn’t love a good and relaxing hair massage? Not just adults, but babies too crave for a calming hair massage after a full day of playing around and troubling their dear mother. Even newborn babies can benefit from hair massages by using the best baby oil for newborn babies. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for giving your baby the best hair massage that he needs

  • Keep a blanket or a towel on the baby’s body before you start the hair massage. This way the oil won’t spill all over the baby’s bod
  • Make sure the baby is calm yet alert. If the baby is not in a good mood, don’t forcefully give him a massage. 
  • When you start massaging and your baby feels uncomfortable or starts crying, stop immediately, and schedule the hair massage for another day.
  • Pick a safe and the best baby oil for newborn which does not contain any harmful chemicals in it. Use Maaté’s baby Hair Massage oil which is a natural oil enriched with nutrients. Click here to buy it.
  • Take a few drops of baby hair oil and start by cupping your baby’s head with both hands and stroking down with your fingers till the neck.
  • Use a similar motion that you use while washing your baby’s hair all over the head. Use only your fingertips and avoid using nails.
  • Be careful while massaging the soft spot over the baby’s head, known as the fontanelle, and avoid touching or pressing it.
  • Make light taps with your fingertips all over the head, starting from the forehead to the ears and till the neck.
  • You can add a hair massage to your child’s daily routine. Use the best baby oil for newborns by Maaté and reap the benefits of Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Sage Oil and other oils all in one bottle.