Steps to buy the right hair products for your child

Mothers are very particular about what they provide to their children. From food to the right skincare products, they make sure to choose the best to never compromise on the health of the lovely children. 

This guide is for the mothers out there who might need advice on how to choose the best and safe hair products for the young tresses.

  • Choose shampoos wisely. Look for baby specific shampoos and hair cleansers that are delicate and mild on the hair and scalp of the baby. Make sure to use the best baby shampoo free from the harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens which can be too tough on the baby’s hair.
  • It is important to look for a shampoo with ‘no tears’ property. This factor ensures that the baby enjoys the wash day, without getting irritated by the shampoo getting into the eyes and causing discomfort. Let your bathing sessions be fun with Maaté’s baby hair cleanser that leaves the hair soft and clean, without frizz or tangles.
  • Make sure the hair products are nutritious with 100% natural ingredients. Your baby’s strands need a dose of strength with every wash session. Ingredients like Fenugreek and Green Gram aid hair growth and make the hair stronger from the roots. They provide intense nourishment to the hair follicles and thus, the Maaté’s baby hair cleanser is infused with these active ingredients to provide the best shampoo sessions to your baby.