The best baby massage oil of the season

The best baby massage oil of the season

Did you know that your baby forms their basic sense of trust in their first year of life?

That’s right, your unique and loving bond with your baby, and its consistency is the number one factor for the development of the feeling of trust in your baby’s mind. The first touches especially, greatly strengthen your bond with your little one allowing a level of trust to be formed. It is thus essential to properly stimulate your child’s sense of touch during this time.

Massaging your baby is the easiest and the most organic way of establishing your relationship with them and using the best baby massage oil for the same is the best gift you can give to your child. The history of massage can be traced back to centuries ago to the beginning of Ayurveda and has proven to have numerous tangible health benefits for your little angel like - better weight gain, increased mental and motor development, better sleeping patterns, decreased stress, and colic, etc.

Stimulation of the skin also releases the “love hormone”, scientifically known as Oxytocin which makes them feel good and connected to you. In this way, massaging your mini you with the best baby massage oil not only helps them in their health and well being but also helps you by easing interaction which can even lead to a smoother and more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

It is critical to protect your baby’s skin from toxins and keep it intact in the initial stages as the skin takes a year to develop a hard protective layer. During this delicate stage, it can be easily triggered by chemicals which can lead to irritation and discomfort. It is thus recommended to only use the best baby massage oil without any inorganic chemicals to enhance their well- being and naturally nourish their skin.

At Maaté, we draw from ancient Indian practices and have oil at the centre of our philosophy. We believe in nurturing a toxin-free body and trust that what you put on your baby’s body should be as pure and authentic as what you put within their body. Massaging using our best baby massage oil provides deep penetration into your baby’s gentle skin and gives it holistic medical benefits.

This authentic oil-based product stems from the lap of Mother Nature and combines Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract and Pomegranate Seed Oil to increase their little body’s resilience and boost their immune system. Our best baby massage oil is chemical-free and leads to supple moisturized skin, faster cellular growth, and overall mental well being for your little one.

This season’s best baby massage oil ensures that your angel is getting all the right minerals, vitamins, and essential antioxidants from the goodness of their mother’s hands.

Every stroke leads to stronger limbs and has Maaté’s promise of a healthier and stronger child. Experience this beautiful sensation of skin to skin contact and bonding like none other with the best baby massage oil. Buy it here.