The calming benefits of a head massage

The calming benefits of a head massage

 “Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier life.”

Just like you love your special head massages, your baby too finds them relaxing and therapeutic as touch is the most developed of the five senses at birth. A gentle head massage with your tender touch can do wonders for your baby’s health especially when it is done with the right hair massage oil. It not only relieves tension but also strengthens your bond with the baby as they start associating you with the feeling of comfort.

Here are the top 4 benefits of a calming head massage for your little angel’s wellness:

 1. Relaxes and leads to a better sleep

Your tender touch paired up with an enriching hair massage oil strengthens your mother-baby bond while nourishing your baby with love and affection. A good and comfortable hair massage along with a moisturizing body massage can refresh your child and ease up any tension in the body. It also helps your baby get sound sleep and prevents restlessness during bedtime.

2. Helps Improve Blood Circulation

An improper blood circulation can lead to fatigue and unnecessary discomfort for your child. We thus recommend indulging your child in a nourishing massage from time to time with a nutrient rich hair massage oil that ensures optimum flow of blood throughout.

Better blood circulation means better oxygen for your baby which has innumerable benefits. A head massage is also believed to improve concentration levels and boost your baby’s memory by increasing the flow of blood to their nervous system.

3. Helps Prevent Hair Damage

Your baby’s scalp and hair are prone to a lot of damage owing to the harsh effects of our environment. Massaging your baby’s head with a good hair massage oil can prevent this from happening.

Maaté’s baby hair massage oil made with protein-rich Moringa Seed Oil and Murraya Koenigii, a rich source of Beta Carotene, protects your baby’s hair from environmental damage and hair thinning.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

A gentle and loving head massage improves the blood circulation to your baby’s roots which leads to better absorption of nutrients by the roots which ultimately leads to better hair growth. Maaté’s baby hair massage oil improves hair growth by increasing the proliferation of follicular cells. The antioxidant power of vitamin & mineral-rich Sesame Oil in this hair massage oil also prevents scalp conditions such as dandruff, dryness, flakiness, etc. which can come in the way of growing your baby’s beautiful hair. A highly recommended baby hair massage oil, check out its goodness here.

While you indulge in this beautiful activity, don’t forget to take all the precautions for your baby’s comfort while being super gentle with their head as their skull bones might still be weak. Be especially careful with pressure on the top of your child’s head as the skull here is softer.

Press your baby’s head in tiny circular movements and apply only light pressure from your fingertips as this is more than enough for your baby’s relaxation. If your baby is not old enough to hold up their head, we at Maaté, recommend putting the hair massage oil when your baby is lying on their back. This way, all excess oil falls towards the back instead of falling onto their face. Avoid applying oil when your baby lies on their tummy till they are old enough to hold up their head.

Enjoy this beautiful tradition with your little one and nourish them with the blessings of nature today.