The Coming Together of Ayurveda and Baby Care

The Coming Together of Ayurveda and Baby Care

Ayurveda through the years has seen a major resurgence, not just in its native land but also worldwide. More than being a mere system that encapsulates the wholesome treatment of illnesses and ailments, Ayurveda is a tradition. It has since times immortal stayed a vital and dynamic part of the integration between the environment, and the human body, which means Ayurveda and Immunity go hand in hand.

The Tri-Dosha

The five pure eternal substances namely-fire (Tejas); water (Jala); space/ ether (ākāśa); air (vāyu); earth (pṛthvī) combine to form the human body and its parts. This happens through the creation of three vital doshas in Ayurveda. These Doshas, fostered by our lifestyle choices, are biological energies that construct our bodies cell by cell, and aid in the maintainability of health and creation of balance. However, poor lifestyle habits can hinder the quality of these Doshas hence breaking the connection between the body and mind which is what leads to the inception of diseases.



Composed of Space and Air, the Vata Dosha governs the muscle and tissue movement, breathing, pulsating and blinking. Vata promotes imaginativeness, promoting creativity and flexibility. Once out of balance, Vata can lead to the upsurge of fear and anxiety in individuals.


Made up of fire and water, Pitta governs digestion, nutrition, absorption, and body temperature. Pitta is responsible for promoting self-awareness, and intelligence. If it goes out of balance, one can experience an upsurge of anger, hatred & jealousy.


Kapha forms the body’s muscles, bones, and tendons. This Dosha is at the helm to promote immunity, keep the muscles and joints well lubricated, and maintain immunity in the bodily structure. Kapha personifies love and calmness, if out of balance, it can lead to greed and envy.

Doshas in different Body Types

Each individual has a differing proportion of these factors forming a unique proportion in each and every human being. This is the reason why we all are different in terms of bodily functions, level of intelligence, enthusiasm, energy, and a lot of other factors. If our Ayurvedic Chakra System has Vata as the dominant Dosha, then we tend to be light, energetic, and dynamic. With Pitta as the dominant Dosha we tend to be intense, and goal-oriented. Similarly, if Kapha predominates then we tend to be appreciative of the flow in life and enjoy every moment as it comes. Doshas happen to be dynamic energies and constantly change in response to our behavioural patterns, the food we choose to put into our systems, and most importantly the change in seasons. When we start living against our intrinsic natures, we without much realisation tend to support unhealthy living habits that foster physical and mental imbalances. Vibrant health is possible if the proportion of Doshas in your current state is close to the constitution of Doshas during birth. This association between the Doshas indicates the balanced role of Prakriti, while Vikruti is the term used to describe the imbalanced state.

Ayurveda and Nature

According to Ayurveda, our health relies on how we treat Nature, on how we bond with Nature, and lastly what we take away from it, without ever disregarding the need to give it back. The more in tune we are with the Natural World, the more long-term benefits we reap. Harmonising with Nature makes us feel whole and forever connected. It shapes our perspectives and strengthens our vision. It allows us to remember who we are without ever losing a sense of what it means to embrace other living creatures on earth, while also gaining access to the much-suppressed versions of ourselves that come alive only when we become one with Nature. Why now more than ever it is important to every once in a while crawl into the Greens is because we are more disconnected than ever, more disoriented to understand how Nature works and even if we want to redefine our relationship with the outside world, the ongoing circumstances where there is a new virus every few days to disrupt our life’s trajectory, don’t allow us to do so.

Why Ayurveda in Baby Care?

MAATÉ beautifully encapsulates a mother’s apprehensions for her child. The vision for an All-Natural products range for babies got stuck in the founder’s head when she first gave birth to her baby daughter. Overwhelmed by the plethora of options in baby care, with a separate aisle dedicated to them at supermarkets, with surprisingly similar claims, the founder spent months and months thinking about what can possibly be the one way she can make care and nourishment uncomplicated for her child. Her “Eureka moment” happened on a fine lazy afternoon after she had surrendered to her baby girl’s unforgiving cries which never ended even after singing 3 different lullabies. She called up her husband and her two brothers who trusted her vision and were nothing but supportive. Then began an adventuresome journey which led them to Madurai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Down South, embracing the crown of Nature instantly had their hearts. What started as a mere idea felt real just when they started meeting up with different skin specialists, manufactures, formulation experts, and people who could shed some more light on Ayurvedic care which is something, they since the very beginning wanted to integrate in their product range to create one of a kind formulations that made the little ones feel as protected as though they were in their mother’s womb. The journey throughout felt invigorating because the founder believed her vision and was confident about what she was about to create. Her vision came to life in September 2019, before which she had spent months and months in getting multiple screenings done for each and every drop created under her brand’s name. All this to make sure that her’s wasn’t just another brand lying in an aisle at the supermarket waiting to be trusted through the claims printed on the bottles. To her efficacy was and is the king, the quality was and is the queen, and unadulterated goodness was and is the deciding factor for every product dedicated to the wholesome care of the little ones. Nature-inspired MAATÉ not once, not twice, but each time conversations happened around purity that was to be the prime focus with the uncomplicated product range. The idea was to provide special care for the skin, the hair, limbs, muscles, bones, and facial skin of the little one. Targeting each and every area separately was the prime focus as no top-to-toe solution would ever suffice for the care a baby deserves. Why Ayurveda remained at the centre of it all is because, the ancient Indian Ritual of Healing sciences promotes some practices that go beyond the concept of time, and trends.

Here’s how Ayurveda Inspired our Formulations

Ayurveda for Massage

  • Nourish Range
  • Baby Hair Oil & Massage Oil

A Good Old Champi enhances the flow of energy from the scalp down to the body and a good body massage strengthens bone mineralisation for strong muscles and bones, this is something that has been passed as a teaching to us from our Dadis and Nanis, and to our Dadis and Nanis through the ancient rituals according to which Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage is an essential part of a healthy routine. These valuable teachings are what led to the creation of our baby Hair Massage Oil and Baby Body Massage Oil made by paying close attention to Nature’s gifts that work best for a baby’s dainty body, silky hair, and tender scalp. The joy of Nature alongside the nurturing of bond between a birth giver and a newborn amplified the significance of the Ayurveda inspired Baby oils.

Ayurveda for skin

  • Comfort Range
  • Baby Body Butter & Face Butter

Two separate kinds of butter for the gentle and wholesome care of the facial skin and body separately. The facial skin is slightly thinner from that of the skin on the body and hence need a special form of care to keep its texture ever protected. Ayurveda has over the years glorified the need for a soft, and radiating skin for every individual, hence supporting rituals that make that possible. Inspired by the ancient Indian science discoveries we created two Baby Butters, one for the Body and one for the Facial Skin, bringing in formulations that naturally seal in the moisture that is needed by a baby’s tender skin, while also keeping its radiance perennially protected.

Ayurveda for Hygiene

  • Cleanse Range
  • Baby Body Wash & Hair Cleanser

Now according to Ayurveda, there are principles specially defined for the upkeep of personal hygiene for kids to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, while also preventing illnesses from getting passed on to others. The concepts and principles described in the classical texts of Ayurveda such as the ‘Dincharya’ called as “Ratricarya” (Daily hygiene rituals for the night) collectively carry an enlightening account on personal hygiene. These principles inspired our Cleanse range which includes our Baby Body Wash & Hair Cleanser, enriched with all-natural ingredients with the goal to promote gentle cleansing of the baby’s hair and body.

From the constant changes happening around the globe, the one thing that we learn is that everything has a process attached to it and is eternally evolving. But what remains a simple truth is that there is absolutely nothing that can come close to the answers that Ayurveda carries for all our burning questions. According to Ayurveda, a strong and healthy body lays the foundation for overall wellness. A body’s ability, therefore, to heal itself stands unparalleled. Babies, if they receive wholesome care starting from the very beginning of their childhood can grow on to become immensely productive and energetic individuals, ever ready to take on life’s challenges.


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