The do’s and don’ts of giving your baby a body massage

Giving your infant a body massage has numerous benefits, not just for the baby but the mother too. It provides intense nourishment and strength to the bones and muscles, while also strengthening the bond a child and her mother share. 

While massaging a baby may seem simple, there are certain do’s and don’ts which each mother should follow while giving the little one a relaxing massage that he deserves.


  • Choose a quiet place with minimum distraction or noises. You should have your full concentration on your baby and the massage that you aim to provide. This way you’ll bond nicely with your child.
  • Arrange all the necessary things that you would be needing beforehand. You don’t want to leave the massage in between to look for something. This can break the tempo of the activity.  
  • Keep a mat or a towel beneath the baby to reduce mess. You can also sit with your legs forming a diamond shape and place the baby in between. This way you’ll have a better control over the baby and his movements.
  • Use a natural newborn baby massage oil rather than using any oil made for adults. Try Maaté’s Baby Body Massage Oil which is a blend of natural oils like sesame oil, almond, oil, and coconut oil. Check it out here.
  • Talk to your baby or sing a song. This your moment to bond with your little one, so make sure to make it special.
  • While massaging the head, avoid the fontanel, the soft spot over the baby’s head.


  • Do not massage the baby when he is cranky, hungry, or just not in the mood. Take cues from the baby’s behaviour and don’t force your child into the massage.
  • Avoid giving your baby a massage when you just fed him. This could lead to vomiting as massage could put pressure on the baby’s stomach.
  • Do not use oils with artificial fragrances or harmful ingredients. Choose Maaté’s Baby Hair massage Oil which is free from artificial scents or toxins. Buy this newborn baby massage oil here.
  • Stop the massage immediately if the baby doesn’t respond well or starts crying. You can schedule it for some other day.
  • Don’t multitask while giving your baby a massage. Your child needs your full attention in order to bond with you better. Free yourself from all your work and then plan a massage for your little one.
  • Don’t rush the massage. Always be slow, gentle yet firm.