The goodness of Hibiscus for your baby's precious locks

The goodness of Hibiscus for your baby's precious locks

The more you let Ayurveda become the basis for your living, the easier living gets. The growing relevance of natural ingredients in your daily skincare is no fad and is here to stay for a long, long time. When you enjoy this goodness of nature for your skincare, why not incorporate it in the lives of your precious baby too? That’s right, choosing natural ingredients in products for your baby is a growing choice that new and aware parents are making every day and you must consider it too.

In Ayurveda, Hibiscus, a genus of flowering plants, is one of the most renowned herbs for promoting hair growth. The beautiful and bright flowers that you probably see in your garden have extraordinary properties that not only heal your baby’s scalp but also make it healthier. You can provide the goodness of Hibiscus to your child by using products that have it at the centre of their ingredients. A baby-friendly hibiscus infused hair massage oil or shampoo is a good option that you can consider for the same.

Wonder what powers this extraordinary flower holds? Read on to discover the benefits of Hibiscus for your baby’s precious locks:


The amino acids that occur naturally in the hibiscus flowers promote your baby’s hair growth. These amino acids are necessary for building a special kind of protein called Keratin which is the building block of their hair. The protein, Keratin, makes your baby’s soft strands less prone to breakage and damage by binding them together. It also improves the thickness of their hair and rejuvenates the scalp to promote hair growth.

We suggest using Maaté’s hair massage oil to massage the goodness of Hibiscus in your baby’s scalp and nourishing it with love and affection. Made with Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Extract and Murraya Koenigii Leaf Oil, this hair massage oil improves hair growth by increasing the proliferation of follicular cells of your baby’s sensitive scalp. Giving your baby a gentle head massage with this hibiscus infused hair massage oil will also improve the blood circulation in the scalp which eventually leads to better absorption and stronger roots. You can check it out here.


Harsh soaps and shampoos can strip away your baby’s natural scalp oils which can lead to dryness and dull hair. Hibiscus and hibiscus infused products naturally condition the scalp and seal the natural moisture in it.

Our baby hair massage oil thus not only promotes hair growth but also conditions and prevents from damage the hair your baby already has. The antioxidants and vitamins present in this hair massage oil also help produce melanin which gives your baby’s hair a healthy color and lustre.


If your baby’s scalp is itchy or has dandruff, using a hair shampoo or a hair massage oil with Hibiscus as the key ingredient is a must. Hibiscus reduces unnecessary oil secretions by your baby’s glands and helps maintain the pH level of the scalp. This leads to an overall soothing and cooling effect on your baby’s head and makes them feel refreshed. Maaté’s hair massage oil that combines Hibiscus and Eclipta Alba with Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla) strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth for your precious baby.

Add the goodness of Hibiscus to your baby’s hair care and give them the best of nature with Maaté today.